Answering The 8 Words

Every nonprofit is dedicated to doing good.  With a well-told story, it can do better.

Understanding Disabilities (UD) is based in the town of Reading, north of Boston, and for three decades has been teaching public schoolchildren how to relate to their developmentally-challenged classmates with compassion and respect.  A six-figure grant, coupled with their completion of an updated curriculum, provided the impetus for UD’s desire to expand into other cities.  But the Massachusetts educational system, as in many other states, is driven by standardized testing – and what UD teaches is something that can’t be measured by a #2 pencil and a multiple-choice answer sheet.

CHGR worked with UD to develop a comprehensive communications strategy to drive its expansion, centering around a core answer to The 8 Words that could be easily adapted to the needs of UD’s various audiences: school administrators, current and potential donors, teachers, parents, and even the children who would be the beneficiaries of UD’s curriculum.  UD has reported notably increased interest in its mission among donors, and CHGR is providing personalized presentation training to UD’s leadership in preparation for pitches to administrators in several Boston-area school systems in the summer and fall of 2017.