strategic storytelling

A strategic story is your quick, clear and compelling answer to a question that is as treacherous as it is simple: "what do we do better than everyone else?"

We call these "The 8 Words," and we specialize in turning them to your advantage by developing narratives that enable you to explain your organization's mission in a cogent and concise way throughout your internal and external communications.

The right strategic story sets you apart from the crowd.  It provides backbone to brand identity.  It empowers and drives a sales team.  It protects market share and opens new avenues to growth.  It reframes your weaknesses and extols your strengths.  It maximizes the value of your creative content and helps you reach more people with more impact.

More than anything, the right strategic story, properly told, will make your audience care.  And when your audience cares -- when you hold their attention and their passion in the palm of your hand -- then your potential becomes limitless.

presentation preparation

The most compelling story will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes without a powerful presentation.  To put it another way: it's not just what you say.  It's how you say it.

You are the best possible ambassador of your brand; no one knows what you do, and why you do it, better than you.  We give you the confidence to leave your script on the podium and step out toward the crowd.  We give you the confidence to deliver the message your audience wants to hear.  When the spotlight is on, we give you the confidence to tell the story that no one will forget.


In the Internet Age, content is king -- and if you aren't creating, you're falling behind.

Whether you run a nonprofit or a multinational, whether you're in the C-suite or a rented office, it is in your interest to be seen as a thought leader in your industry.  Your words and ideas need to be before the eyes and ears of your colleagues and customers: as speeches, as articles, as op-eds, as streaming videos, as downloadable podcasts.

Our team has flown into war zones to craft Emmy Award-winning tales of heroism and humanity.  We've put words in the mouths of the anchors at the most-watched cable news network in America.  With your custom strategic story as the guide, we will craft the content that makes your peers -- and your competition -- take notice.