Featured Stories

We work with you to hone and shape stories that are as unique as you are. Whether your intended audience is hyper-local or multi-national, we provide outcomes that are tailored to you: your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Here's a small sampling of what we've done, and who we've done it for.

oil rig.jpg

Led m&a negotiations for new england manufacturer

A leading New England manufacturer of high-end equipment for use across the global extractive sector found itself in an uncomfortable situation: engaged in preliminary acquisition talks with multiple international bidders while its sales, particularly in the oil & gas sector, were falling steeply.  With revenue and EBITDA down from previous years, and projected to drop even further, was there a story the manufacturer could tell that would convincingly portray it as a valuable acquisition target and allow it to hold its sale price?

kids in classroom.jpg

developed communications strategy for Massachusetts child advocacy group

After receiving a major grant, a Boston-area nonprofit dedicated to teaching disability awareness to public schoolchildren decided that it was time to grow.  But competition for limited class time is fierce, and the organization found itself struggling to craft a compelling answer to The 8 Words.  They knew why their organization mattered -- but how were they going to convey that value to outsiders?

africa hospital.jpg

distilled dense research into user-friendly memoranda for harvard university's global health institute

Washington's policymakers are busy people, and they don't have time to read 20-page research articles -- not even ones published by Harvard.  The school's Global Health Institute had conducted extensive statistical research into maternal mortality in Africa, India and Afghanistan, and believed its findings could help guide U.S. funding of programs aimed at keeping new mothers alive -- but only if those 20 dense pages of complex statistics could be distilled down into 2 highly readable pages of easily understood information.